Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at BOO Jewellery, everything that we sell is either silver, gold plated (2 microns to Vermeil) or solid gold. Discover our collections of gold, gold plated, and silver jewellery online, or feel free to visit us in store.

Matte finishing leaves a metal with a clean, sleek, organic look. This type of finish requires specialist equipment, and is usually done by using specific polishing wheels, or polishing papers that contain the chemicals needed to create the matte look. Other than beauty, a matte finish offers better durability and tarnish resistance than the other precious metal finishes, leaving a piece of jewellery with a stylish muted finish, and a very slight sheen.

To gain a Matt finish, we use a polishing mop on the surface of a piece of jewellery to give it a contemporary finish. 

Learn more aboutthe precious metals and their textured finishes here.

Yes, over time, your matt ring will lose it's finish due to daily wear. However, you can pop in at anytime and we will happy to re-Matt our rings for you! Discover our showroom here, or get in touch with BOO Jewellery with any queries that you have.

As a precious metal, white gold is unique for its durability, non-corrosive nature, and lasting beauty, which is why we love to incorporate it into our jewellery. White gold naturally has a grey lustre, so most white gold rings are rhodium plated, but we think they look great left in their natural state.

Learn more about the precious metals that we use at BOO Jewellery here.

Once considered to be more valuable than gold, silver is one of the longest standing precious metals used within jewellery design, which is one of the reasons many of our pieces at Boo Jewellery are made from silver. Of all of the precious metals that are available, silver is one of the most cost effective options, whilst still maintaining beauty, versatility, lustre and rarity. It is clear that silver’s value extends well beyond its price! 

Keeping silver looking its best all of the time, though, does require some maintenance. Silver always looks prettier for a polish, so we would recommend a wipe over with a jewellery cloth, or the use of a Goddards silver dip. If you don’t have either of those to hand, then you can always rub a bit of toothpaste over the jewellery using an old tooth brush. This allows you to delicately reach all of the intricate places in your piece. Then, you can just wash off the toothpaste from your jewellery, or repeat.

Yes and no, we have lots of ring designs that we can adapt if you would like to use your own stones. We will happily remove the stones from a piece and buy the gold off of you to put towards your purchase. Always pop in though for a chat, because even we can’t help you personally, then we can point you in the right direction! Visit our store today, or feel free to get in touch with us here.

When creating bespoke jewellery for our customers, we like to allow enough time to put the maximum effort, detail and love into your designs. So if you have ordered a ring from us and we are having made in your size, then please allow 4-6 weeks for it to be made. Please feel free to get in touch with us at BOO Jewellery if you have any questions regarding our bespoke jewellery service.

No, unfortunately, we do not undertake external jewellery repair work, valuations or jewellery cleaning. However, if you would like guiding in the right direction, then please feel free to get in touch with BOO Jewellery, or visit us in store. We will be more than happy to have a chat with you!

Rhodium plating is used to create a shiny reflective appearance on jewellery. It is harder than gold so provides jewellery with a durable surface which resists scratches and tarnish. After some time, your jewellery may need refurbishing, and we recommend rhodium plating. Get in touch with BOO Jewellery to learn more.

Learn more about the precious metals and the finishes that we offer at BOO here.

Yes, if it a ring purchased from BOO Jewellery, then we will be happy to offer you a seamless ring re sizing. However, to keep your ring in the best condition, we recommend only going up to 2 sizes up or down. Get in touch abour ring re sizing at BOO Jewellery, or alternatively, feel free to visit us in store.

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