What’s the difference between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds

What’s the difference between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are as real as diamonds mined from the earth. Lab grown diamonds are identical to earth mined diamonds in every way, except that they are grown in a lab. They have the same chemical, physical appreance and sparkle.

But are lab grown diamonds as valuable?

Yes, lab diamonds are valuable but not as valuable as natural diamonds. Either way a diamond is huge investment Whether lab or natural, but you will get a much larger diamond for your money by buying lab grown.

How much does a lab grown diamond cost?

A lab grown diamond will cost you between 60% to 80% less than the price of a natural diamond of the same quality and size because you can cut out your mining costs.

How much would a 1ct lab grown diamond cost ?

The ring we show here retails at BOO jewellery from £7,585.00 for  a natural good quality 1 carat natural diamond set in this platinum ring, or you could have exactly the same size and quality diamond that is lab grown for £2,008.00 Which one would you choose? 

Personally I was a bit unsure about lab grown diamonds, but If I was going to treat  myself then I would certainly go lab grown 1 carat or above and enjoy the saving (or less on my credit card)



Let’s talk about the environment.  Are lab diamonds really better for the environment?

Evidently, lab-grown diamonds are better for the environment compared to mined diamonds. When diamonds are mined from the Earth, two forms of energies are used in large quantities: electricity and hydrocarbons, both of which result into carbon emissions, greenhouse gases of large amounts.
And there is the question about whether the diamond is ethically sourced?

Is it worth buying a lab grown diamond over a natural diamond?

Yes, especially if it’s the  difference between owning one or not. The lab grown diamond is still 100% authentic and identical to a beautiful mined diamond which in it self means it’s worth something. It is still rare, it is still desirable plus it still takes time, skill and expensive machinery (plus years of research) to produce a lab grown diamond. 


Are lab grown diamonds worth much?

Lab grown diamonds still have a high market value, just less than a natural diamond.

So would you be tempted? Now I understand the huge saving and have seen the quality I would say yes, how about you?


For your piece of mind all of our diamonds are GIA certified, natural or lab grown.